"Can you feel that?" "That tiny bomp...bomp...bomp?" that's "Where The Heart Is" by Billie Letts

Where the Heart is - Billie Letts

I loved every moment of this book and the movie too, but we're focusing on the book. This story is so moving and so cute that I just wanted to hug Novalee and tell her to be my friend. I really didn't care for the bits about her ex-boyfriend Willie Jack at all he was an idiot and I couldn't stand him


This story is about 17 year old Novalee Nation who is pregnant and moving to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack. Novalee does not like the number seven at all she says it brings her bad luck. A lot went wrong when she was younger and now that she is 17 and pregnant she is on her way to a big adventure. While Novalee and Willie Jack where on the road, she needed to use the rest room and also, replace her shoes that she lost in the whole of Willie's car. So they stop at a walmart that will  later become Novalee's home because Willie Jack left her. Novalee meets a wonderful bunch of people along the way, who will later become her family from the lovely Sister Husband to the adoring Forney  Hull. Novalee life has changed and will become a celebrity of sorts when she had giving birth at the walmart she was living at. Novalee is on cloud 9 and is forever grateful for these wonderful people in her life. The story also focuses a little on Willie Jack from getting into trouble to becoming "famous" to nothing. 


This story again is wonderful, amazing, and sweet. Like I've mentioned really did not care about Willie Jack's story, but it shows that in the end he had some kind of heart about knowing what happened to Novalee and their daughter Americus. I love that at the end of the paperback that I have has a Q&A and Billie explains why she wrote about teenage pregnancy and who were some of the inspiration behind her characters! Again, amazing story and characters and a very realistic story!


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