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Day six of BoBs

Hello again everyone and how are you all doing? I hope you all are doing amazing and are being fantastic! I'm doing pretty good myself. I am so excited to be getting near the end of "Jurassic Park" I was hoping to have it finished and onto a new read, but at least I'm nearing the end. I have one last section to go!


I get more freaked out about the thought of Dinosaurs returning more then anything lol! The raptor again are the most freakiest! I would not want to come head to head in one again. Nor, do I want to come across any of the carnivores of dinosaurs! 


Well, today's challenge is going to be a not so good one. It's called Discovered Books from Bout of Books Week and to tell you the truth. I don't ever click on anyone's name on the list of updates! I just share and then click off...I am a horrible reader for ignoring everyone pages! So, I can't tell you all what books I have discovered from doing Bout of Books. I'm sure I have in the past come across some, but I got nothing haha! 


That's it from me for today's update and not so good challenge! I hope you all are having an awesome reading day and I will be back tomorrow for my final update of BoBs week. Have an amazing weekend and until tomorrow.