BoBs Day Five!!!

Yay I'm back again! I told you I would! So, for this update I am again getting nearer towards the end of "Jurassic Park" the raptors are really scary and vicious and I would not want to come against one. I would cry! I'm on pg 334 out of 399. I guess that's all I got for my updates! 


Ok so onto today's updated challenge! Which this one is also fun and it's called Bookish Playlist. All I have to do is choose a book and three songs that seem to go along side with the book! This is fun to do and I can't wait to see where I will go with this. 


"The Chronicle's of Narnia series"


I Will Get There by Boyz II Men

This song is a really powerful song and an uplifting one and it seems fitting for the series and to each character.


"Stand by You" by Rachel Platten

Just being there for each other and helping each other out no matter what happens. 


"Fight Song" also by Rachel Platten

When times are down and the characters feel alone, all they have to do is just remember their inner strength.


Well, that's it! That's all I got for this time around!  I will be back tomorrow for another update and hopefully I don't get lazy about it lol! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend and to be fantastic. Until tomorrow.