BoBs Day Three!!!

Hey everyone so I'm back again yay!!! How are you all doing today? I hope awesome, because that's how I feel! Yay!!! So, I did do some reading into "Jurassic Park" and holy crap I really can't stand certain characters in this book. I'm  angry towards John Hammond and he's constant worry about his animals and not his grandchildren. The movie made him more sympathetic and not wanting to punch him.I had just watched the movie and I forgot how fast pace it was and how everything is completely different it was from the book.


For the challenge today I am to share with you all my favorite literary villain. Which is quite hard for me, because I wouldn't know who! I've always been the type to just go for the good guys and then watching TV shows like Once Upon A Time made me appreciate an awesome villain or two!


Alright, I do have one in book form! And that is, Bellatrix Lestrange from of course Harry Potter. I will admit I enjoyed the whole crazy and cynical approach into taunting her victims. She is the one that everyone loves to hate and I can't stand the woman, but she does bring fun to the books. I will admit that I haven't read the books for awhile and I am getting around to it. I am almost done rereading the first book and will move on to the next. 


I guess I can also add Severus Snape to the mix as well. The supposed bad guy who actually turned out to be such a brokenhearted man and good guy in the end. Oh he may have had me hating on him so much at the beginning, but in the end it broke my heart to read what he had done for Harry. Oh sad face! :'( 


That's all I have for updates of BoBs week day three yay! I am so glad that I got myself caught up and read. Of course I'll be back tomorrow for day four and until then:  Be Fantastic!


Later Days!!!