BoBs week day 1 (yesterday’s day)

Hey everyone and how’s it going? I hope you all are doing well! Well, yesterday started Bout of Books week and I was completely lazy at sharing a post for yesterday. Saying I was going to join and that I am still reading a book that I started last month and that is "Jurassic Park" by Micheal Crichton.


This is going to be a quick update and I will return in a bit with an updated blog post for today's okie dokie.


I of course watched the movie of "Jurassic Park" as a kid and I loved it and now reading the book and seeing how different it is compare to the movie. They flip flop the kids ages and in the book the younger sister Lex is a pain, but it's whatever lol! But, I am almost done and I hope to finish before this week ends. So, for yesterday's challenge I just had to introduce myself in six words so here I go:


Woman on a quest for adventures!!!


There we go quick, simple, and easy. Ok so now I will be back with today's update.