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BoBs Day Four!!!

Salutations everyone. I hope you all are well. I know that booklikes seems to be in a bit of a pickle and are having trouble with having us see other posts. I hope that they will fix it soon. So, if you are seeing this that is awesome! Just doing an update and a challenge for you all and it should be fairly quick, since I'm leaving in a while. So, update still reading Anne of Green Gables and I need to jump into Charlotte's web. So far Anne of Green Gables is going through a lot and she's quite a character. 


Okay onto the challenge so for this one we have a Read Alike which is basically if you like this then you'll enjoy this. I have shared quite a few in the past. So, coming up with a book or two shouldn't be too bad! Let's see. Oh I have one now!


If you have read this read



Then you'll enjoy this read



Both of these books have such an awesome story line and I love them both. They do have somewhat of similarities, both going on a journey to find themselves. But, they have their own way of finding themselves. Rather it's on purpose or not. Both bring about a sense of adventure and hope that it'll change you in some way at the very end! These books can give you lessons and hope! 


Well, that is all I have for you all today! I will of course be back tomorrow! Enjoy your day