BoBs Day Three!!!

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome back to my little post! I am here with an update and a new challenge. Yesterday I mentioned that I might have to read at least two books at the same time. And, I am! I'm still reading Anne of Green Gables and now I'm reading Charlotte's Web as well. I was hoping to have Anne's story done by now, but I seem to be going a little slow. I decided early this morning to get a jump in Charlotte's Web so that way I have at least two reads. Which I don't mind one bit! I will take my time on the two, it wasn't what I was planning, but hey I'm not complaining, I'm having a grand time feeling like I'm a little girl again reading these stories. There is nothing like reading a children's book to bring you back in time, where you remember being in the school's library picking out your next read!


Anyways, I have a challenge for you all today and that is called Show Me Your Precious. It sounds funny since Lord of the Rings! My Precious, my precious! LOL! I have quite a bit of Precious, but this one has been number one so far. 



Even thou I have read this book as an adult, it has brought me joy and laughter. I found myself relating a bit to each girl in someway. Like I'm the oldest of my siblings, like Meg. I'm a writer, like Jo, Shy (when I don't know you,) like Beth, and a bit spoiled, like Amy. This story is something that a mother who loves to read should share with her little girl or boy. It's filled with lessons, love, understanding, and growing. I  just love this book!


Well, that is my update for today! I really do hope you all are enjoying your reads! So, until tomorrow's update, I bid you ado and good day or night!


Later Days!!!