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BoBs Day 3

Hey everyone how are you?! I'm doing fantastic! I just had one heck of a day of awesomeness!!! I will later explain! But, today is the third day already of BoBs and holy crap we four more days left! I am reading a new read and that is "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella. I am six chapters into this book and so far it's not to bad, I do want to smack some sense into the main character, but it's still worth the read! Today, for our challenge we had to do a book rainbow spine pic and well for the first time, that this has been around as a challenge. I actually did it and I will share now:




There is my great attempt at this thing lol! So, yeah sorry it's not a longer update, but I'm happy to be keeping you all up to date! I hope you awesome nerds enjoy your reading time and I will be back tomorrow!

Later Days!