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Bout of Books is Coming!!!

What's up peeps? And, how are you all? I am doing great and I'm back with a new post YAY!!! To tell you that next week is Bout of Books week YAS!!! I am participating in my 12th BoBs read-a-thon which is an awesome thing to still be apart of! So, all next week be on the look out for my week worth of adventures during this awesome time. 


I am going to share that I will still be reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" because it's a long one and holy world it's a crazy one to get through. It's still a really awesome read so far thou! But, I will not be reading just that! I will be reading two other books at the same time as reading this lovely book. Those two books are: "Twenties Girl" and "The Undomestic Goddess" both by Sophie Kinsella.


I just hope I end up enjoying these books, because I had a touch time getting through the first two books of the Shopaholic series, because I just couldn't with the main! But, they weren't to bad.


So, that's all from me for today! Hopefully, I will get to many more books during this week and month, because "The Count" is going on and on. A lot of craziness is soon to come! Until next week. Have an awesome day and night nerds!


Later Days!