2nd day BoBs 19!!!

Hello people and welcome to the 2nd day of the 19th BoBs marathon of our book world!!! Hey everyone and how's it going? I hope you all are doing awesome today or whatever day you decide to read this. I am back again with another update of how I'm doing with my reading. And I'm going strong I'm still reading "Tales from the Secret Annex" and it's amazing with each story. So, far my favorite little story is "Eva's Dream" which is beautifully written and you can take away a lesson from this little story. I can't get over how amazing these stories are written. Better written then my own stories at her age. I am almost done with this amazing book filled with amazing stories, and I may end up doing a review. Anyways, today I have a challenge for you all and that is a hunt through your bookshelves or case, for books with titles, that illustration is apart of said title


The challenge is called: Not a Font and the idea came from blogger J. Lenni Dorner and here is what I have. 



I'm sure a lot of people have thought of this book as well, but hey at least I came up with one or else I'll be crying in corner asking myself why?! lol!   I am happy to have set aside my reading drought to do this marathon and it so happens to be my 10th one yay me!!! Well, that is all I have for you all for today. I hope you all are still pushing through your TBR and enjoying what you're reading! Until Tomorrow.