Nanny Returns- Review

Nanny Returns - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin

Hey everyone and how are you all doing?! I hope amazing. I'm doing pretty good myself, feeling a whole lot better. I got sick over the weekend and I was suppose to do this review on Friday, but since I got sick and I wasn't home for a bit. I didn't post this review. So, let's jump in shall we.


So, of course I will be review "Nanny Returns" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus


Nan returns home after living with her now husband Ryan (a.k.a Harvard Hottie) and is ready to settle down in one spot. She has a new business that she is getting off the ground and trying to get the couple's fixer upper of a house well fixed! On top of the chaos Ryan wants to start a family and Nan isn't ready. Then, the icing to the cake a now sixteen year old Grayer comes back in to Nan's life and wants to know why she left him. Nan feeling guilty ends up helping Grayer and his brother Stilton with some things. That means coming face to face with Mr. and Mrs. X and it's up to Nan to change things around.


Okay, so this story was really interesting and really had me going. As most of you could tell by my updates. For one, Nan's guilt for leaving Grayer is understandable, but I could see that he was using her and it was so out of line. But, happy to see Nan finally snap on him and make him see straight. Like I've mentioned in the updates there were a lot of minor characters that just needed to be hit with a baseball bat. I was getting frustrated at the problems that a school where Nan works was handling something serious. Why are some people so dumb. The entire time when it came to Nan being at work, I was hoping she would let loose on these people and tell them how it is, but nope not once. It's understanding giving that this is her job and she doesn't want to screw it up. But, still if this is how some people are in real life, then damn I am so glad I'm not around them, because I would probably hurt a lot of them. Nan, I know wants to help out Grayer so much, but when you see that they don't want it, then you have to back away. This book just made me mad a lot and it just hurts to know that there are people in real life who are like some of these characters. It's very eye opening again and I like that very much. I could go on some more, but really I think that you all should read this if you haven't and see where I'm coming from. 


So, that's it from me, I know I sound all over the place. I was just going with the flow of things! I will be back on Friday with another post. I hope you all are having an awesome day/night and I'll write to all later.