My Plan for 2017!

Good hello everyone and how are you all?! I am doing fantastic. I have finally posted a video to my youtube channel after a long time not doing so! I'm happy to be back doing it. Okie Dokie, so on to what this blog is about. So, I have been thinking about how I should get back into swing of things with this here blog of mine. I will be posting, just not three days a week (yet.) I want to be able to get back into the creativity of this blog. I have missed blogging for the two months I took off.


I am planning on blogging Mondays and Fridays. Then, if you all have an instagram account and want to follow me just look up @aliinbookwonder. Also, the same username for twitter if you want to do that as well! I will be posting some bookish things and you will also get to see my crazy life as well lol! This is a bit new for me to do this whole follow me on social media thing. I'm usually not like this, but since it's a new year why not give it a try! 


I have a new read for this month and that is "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. I'm two chapters in and so far not to bad! So, this is all I have for you all! I'll be back on Friday with a new post. Until then, I hope you all have an kick ass day/night and I'll write to you all then.