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6th Day of BoBs!!!

So, I just had the fun and excitement of having to re-do posts of BoBs days, because home girl got her days messed up...I need help hehe! Hey everyone and how's it going? I am doing pretty good considering having to edit some of my posts (which isn't too bad) then clean up my room a little. 


Anyways enough of that. I am here to bring you an update to this here read-a-thon I'm doing! Well, I am not further into "The Rift" and it's going pretty good, it's really interesting and I like that fact that the characters are of different race and sizes! I should be done with this read soon or wait until tomorrow to close out this read-a-thon. I'm taking my time on reading and see what kind of reading goal I have. There are not challenges to share for today nor tomorrow, but I will update you all again tomorrow.


That's all I have and I hope you all are just having a kick-ass day/night and I'll write to you all tomorrow!


Later Days!!!