BoBs Day 4

So, I woke up this morning thinking I need to read!!! Hey everyone and how's it hanging? I am feeling pretty awesome myself! I am here to bring you an update about my first read. And, I finished just a bit ago and it was really good. I ended up enjoying the book and the main character turned out really understanding. Although, I am sticking to what I said in the beginning of what I first said about her! This book really made me want to go and visit Ireland! I will go into full detail later! That's all for my update and now for the challenge of the day! It's pretty simple it's book spine poetry! All you gotta do is go through your bookcase and create a poem. Here is what I came up with!





Ta-da lol! That's it for today! I hope you all are having an awesome day/night. And, I'll be back tomorrow with a new challenge and update!


Later Days!!!