The first day of BoBs 18!!!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?! I am doing pretty awesome right now. So, it's officially Bout of Books time, and to start off I will tell you about my first book. Like I mentioned yesterday I am currently reading "Ireland" by Melody Carlson. I'm five chapters in and it's not to bad, but I do kind want to head smack the main character! She is really judgmental when it comes to drinking. She seems to be better then those, so far. Who knows how she will be once I'm fully engaged in the book! Well, for the challenges this week they are all run by Bout of Books themselves and they are pretty easy. For today's challenge it's to introduce myself in six words! 


Here I go!


Book Lover in Book Wonder YAS!!! 


That was easy! Well, that is all for today and I'll be back tomorrow with another update and another challenge! Until, then enjoy you day/night and rock out!