So, today I just wanted to write about the topic of storytelling. The reason why I wanted to write about it, was because last month while watching The Emmy's. An actor in his speech brought up something about storytelling. I honestly don't remember who said it nor how the speech went. Of course everyone should know that storytelling is the oldest art form of everything. Everyone can tell a story, no matter how it's being told. Rather it's from: acting, singing, writing a book, or creating art. We all have the power to tell a story.


The power of storytelling is something that can either help or harm a situation. Look at what's been happening in the world, the many wars that are going on. Anyone again can tell a story, but it takes a really skilled person to make that story believable! With that anything can happen. People who are believable can pretty much get away with something. This all depends on the person who tells the story. People can either use storytelling for good or bad. It's up to the rest of us to choose what to believe.  


Like I've mentioned above, storytelling can be expressed in any form. Of course we all should know this. People express themselves through: acting, singing, writing a book, creating art, dance, photography, building. As long as we have a story to tell, we will find a way to tell that story. To express whatever emotions we have or had. It really takes a lot to tell a story and the stories we have isn't new. Nothing is new under the sun. We just have new ways to re-create a story. 


And now, with what has been happening with the world. It should be up to us to end the stories that being told that cause harm to others. And, start creating stories that will hopefully heal. It may not help everyone, but, as long as it helps some, then that's all you can ask for. It takes time to tell a story. Hopefully, we don't end up giving up on telling that story. Because, we all have that power and we all are capable to creating amazing stories. Let's just hope they're all good. 


That's all I have. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. I'll be back on Friday with a new post. And I leave you with this quote.


"We are all stories in the end! Just make it a good one."

              ~The Doctor (Doctor Who)