Review: A Conspiracy of Alchemists

A Conspiracy of Alchemists - Liesel Schwarz

Howdy Peeps (nod to a friend) and how are you all today? Hopefully, you all are doing excellent! I am doing pretty awesome myself! I have been keeping busy with something fun and exciting. That I can't wait to share with you all , but not just yet (I know "why tease us!") I have a lot to do before I can share so as soon as I get answers I will share with you all! It's nothing major like a book deal or anything, but this is a huge deal for me. And, it took me awhile to finally know what I should be doing! Anywhozzles, I think that's it for now! Now, onto something pressing. That is a book review HAZA! I am excited to be reviewing my very first steampunk novel! YAS! The name of this book is called "A Conspiracy of Alchemists" and it is written my Liesel Schwarz. I am excited to start so let's get cooking!


So, this story is about an airship pilot name Elle Chance. Who is dragged into a job to help out a mysterious man name Mr. Marsh. Along the way Elle discovers a destiny that she is not ready for. Also, she and Marsh need to stop a band of evil Alchemists from basically destroying the world! (How Exciting!!!)


This book drew me in right away and I loved using my imagination to creating this steampunk world. I grew to really like Marsh (real name Hugh) and his charming ways. Elle, even tough I understood the situation and I would most likely react the same way! Well, she was annoying as hell ( forgive me) in the beginning. She complained about everything it seemed. I really wanted to punch her. She is stubborn and true to her words. Marsh like I've mentioned is charming, sweet, and also funny. He knew the right words to say and things to do to set Elle off! he can be a bit to himself, for which I understood why Elle was hesitant about certain situations. Elle isn't so bad, she stood up for what she wanted to do and she went for it and that was to be an airship pilot. Which she's awesome at and she didn't give up on a fight!


This story was excellently written. The details of Elle's world was amazing and impressive. Liesel did an amazing job in researching. And, now I must find more of her books!


Phew! That's it from this awesome reader. I hope you all have enjoyed this post. I highly recommend this for anyone into steampunk or wanting to start (like me!) I will be back on Monday with a new post. And, I hope you all have a great and wonderful day/night where ever you are.







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