Taking a Break!!!

Hey everyone! How are you this fine day? I hope you all are doing well. As for me? Well, I'm doing okay! So, the reason for this post is to say that I am going to take a little break from posting. At least from Friday towards the end of the month. I just need a week! I am feeling a little overwhelmed and under prepared lately and I just need at least a week to work on that. Plus, to add on top of that I have a personal thing that I need to work on. I will be honest into writing, that technology has taking over my life and I have realized that I have been feeling like a robot and also a mean girl (to put lightly). I have no filter to stop me from trying not to come off as rude. On here I can at least edit what I write. In real life, I am having a hard time! I am not a mean girl by nature, I am stressing myself out over somethings and plus the situation I am in! I need to work on feeling human, for a week. And, if I need more time, I will update you on that. I will miss not posting this coming up week! But, being a human is important. Hopefully, I will be working on new posts and reading while I'm away! Like I've mentioned I will update you at the end of this week break to see how I'm feeling. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night where ever you are.




SUPER AWESOME GIFS COMING UP!!! (the same ol ones lol)








Got a bit carried away...oh well!!! SPRINKLES!!!