Character Playlist!!!

Hey everyone and how's it going? Awesome I hope! As for me, well I'm a little under the weather, but I'm actually doing pretty great! Well, today I am finally after introducing this awhile ago. I am finally doing another character playlist YAS!!! Y'all can I just say that I really need to sit my butt down and actually make more of these! Yes, because it's fun to do this, and to think what song fits with a character! Anywhozzles, for this character playlist, I will be creating Jo March's Playlist from "Little Women". Let's get a cooking!


I bring to you: Jo's playlist


Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling

Stand By You by Rachel Platten

misguided ghosts by Paramore

I Dare You to Move by Switchfoot

Wanna Be by The Spice Girls

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Royals by Lorde

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena (not Gomez)

Not Alone by Darren Criss

Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas

Lean on Me by The Temptations

Roar by Katy Perry

I Could Fall in Love by Selena (still not Gomez lol)

Best Day of My Life by American Authors


Well, that's all I have for Jo's playlist some songs may not make sense like the random (but awesome) Kansas song! I figured since she was a tomboy and became a mom of three boys, so kind of a lullaby for them (maybe.) I had thought back to when she was a teen to being a mom. I know that there are a lot more songs that will suit her as well, but these songs are pretty awesome! Including one in Spanish how cool!!!


So, that's it from this crazy and awesome bookworm! Be on the look out on Friday for a post. Til then, I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.