An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling

Dear J.K.,


   Hello! My name is Ali and I am writing you this letter to say...Thank you! Thank you for the amazing and wonderful magic you have created so far. You have made many more imaginations grow because of your magic. Harry Potter has grown to be an amazing teacher, for those opened to learn a lesson or two. You  have helped bring our imaginations to life, by staying true to what you wanted when the movies where created. You've helped people of all ages come together and bond over such an amazing story. You then decided to step away from Harry's world. To create other amazing stories and I hope you continue to do so! To some of us (maybe all) you are a Queen. You are not afraid to create, you welcome whatever comes your way, and you try to bring that creation to life! Well, I think that's it for now, I would love to keep going, but I'm sure a short letter would do. And this is where I leave you! Thank you again for your magic and here is to many more pieces of magic yet to come.