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Last Update of BoBs


Good Hello everyone and how's it going? I hope you all are doing awesome! I'm doing awesome myself. As you can see by the title of this here blog post. It is the last day of BoBs...sad day for me, because I had so much fun doing this! So, I get to update you on how my reading is going, which is not to bad. So far I'm discovering the history of Helen Graham in her younger days. Which is quite interesting. There where moments where I was annoyed at the characters Helen had to deal with, but as for her aunt, I see where she is coming from with Helen's choice of a man, but the men she chooses are a major bore, even to me. I'm not quite out of her history just yet, and I'm sure I have a bit more to go, but this story is really keeping me interested.


Alright, onto the challenge of the day! Which is a really just for me to stretch my goal I set for this read-a-thon. I didn't set a goal, because I almost forgot that BoBs was coming up this soon. I hope by the time the next one comes, I'll be set and ready with a better goal. 


I  do hope to get further along with "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall", but I know that I'm not going to be finished with it today, I should've had more book choice. That being said, that's all I got for you all on this last day of BoBs! I'm happy to be back on here and to share my love with books. I was also wondering if you all have any more suggestions of read-a-thons that I can look into? Let me know! I will be back soon with a regular post YAY!!! Until then!




Update of the BoBs Day 6!


What's Up Peeps and how's it going? Well, today is another update. I'm gonna be honest I haven't read anything at all, because I have been busy at my sister-in-law's pinning ceremony. Which was a treat to see, I felt very honored to have been invited to see her get pined by my nephew, which was super adorable.


So, for today's challenge I am to share the love on any book, website, etc. During this read-a-thon. To Be honest, I don't have anything to share, which is bad on my part, I could have easily looked at the other links to my fellow participants and see if they might have books that I would read. But, I haven't, which makes this a very short entry. 


That means I'm done for today's post. I'm sorry for today's shemurr of an entry. But, I will be back tomorrow with a better entry. But, for today I was celebrating with my sister-in-law and took a break for an awesome purpose.  Until tomorrow!






BoBs Update Day 5


Howdy howdy everyone and how's it going? I hope amazing, I'm feeling awesome! Well, as excepted BoBs update and book update. So far, I am deeper into my read and I have many of whaaaaat moments. I mean I am still shipping Gilbert and Helen, but I'm learning a lot more about Helen, I'm very interested to see where this is going. I just have to keep pushing myself to keep going and see where this is going. 


Anywhozzles, onto what we're all here for and that is the challenge of the day. Today's challenge is quite fun and I have a few characters that I'm thinking of . All I gotta do is share with you all my favorite heroes and villains. Let's give those characters a shout out shall we!!!


Favorite Heroes:

Katniss Everdeen: She is someone who is just learning all this by the seam of her pants, she's still young and learning. She's not perfect and she knows it too. But, she will always have heart of gold when it comes to the people in her life.


Hermione Granger: Book smart and quick on her feet. She is a force to be reckon with, also, has a heart of gold. Cares for every creature, and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends.


Favorite Villains:

Bellatrix Lestrange: Despite me really hating her, she is herself 100%. Fierce, chaotic, crazy, heartless. She's the one you really want to hate on a lot. But, she makes it fun to be bad. 


I thought I had another villain in mind, but apparently I don't...oh well!!! It looks like I have a lot of reading to do to find more fave villains lol. I can name a lot of heroes, but these girls are my top two. I could add a lot of non-fictional heroes, but I'm gonna save them for a later post.     


Well, that's all folks :). Like always I'll be back tomorrow with a new update and challenge. It might be late, it might not be. My sister-in-law is getting her nursing pin and I was invited to go. My nephew is pinning her which is gonna be super exciting to see. Alright, I hope you all have an amazing reading day and night. Until tomorrow!




Magical BoBs update day four



Good Late Afternoon everyone and how's it going? I hope you all are awesome today. I feel awesome, but I also feel sleepy! I hit that lull of needing to go back to sleep and I ain't having it lol! Anywhoozles, book update, so far learned the name of Mrs. Graham...(it's Helen lol) Well, here's the book tea! Mr. Markham (Gilbert is his name) and Helen have become friends. There have been rumors spreading around Helen's past. Gilbert wants to defend and comfort his friend. Well, things happened that just makes Gilbert's world go right round. You all have to wait and see what's gonna happened next later, I'm gonna see where this is going after this lol! So, much more I want to say, like gossiping and rumors, just so much going on. Ok that is all!


Moving on before I turn this into a tangent. For today's challenge it's a really simple one. It's called if you like this, try that. Now, this has been the hardest challenge for me, because I haven't really read all that much of each genre. I can choose authors as well, that can be a bit easy...maybe. Well, I'm gonna try lets jump in shall we!


If you like "Asylum" by Madeleine Roux, then try "Dead House" by Dawn Kurtagich (who happens to be my interweb buddy) You'll enjoy the twists and turns she has written in this book!


If you like books that give you a good feeling, lessons to learn, thoughts to think about, just all the feels together then try Paulo Coehlo's books.


That's all I'm going to put down, because I don't want to go down that rabbit hole and get lost and my head hurt from over thinking lol! 


Here is where I end for the day, I hope you all enjoyed this here post! Have an awesome day and I'll be back tomorrow of course with another update! Until then!




BoBs Update Day 3



Hey everyone and how's it going? I hope all is well! I'm doing pretty well myself lol! So, I'm here to update you all on my read for this awesome read-a-thon. Shall we proceed. So far my current read (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall) has gotten me really invested in these characters. I am shipping the Mr. Markham with Mrs. Graham big time! I am adoring Mrs. Graham's son Arthur, not really caring for any of the other characters yet. Plus, I'm only on chapter ten, so I really don't know what's gonna happen lol.


Onto the challenge of the day, today I just have to use emojis to tell you all a book plot or however many books you want to use. Let's us not wait around and Allons-y:



Twilight:  Girl on Apple iPhone OS 2.2 SparklesMan Vampire on AppleRed Heart on Apple


Harry Potter: Boy on AppleHigh Voltage on AppleMan Mage on AppleSchool on Apple


Well, that's all I got, maybe I'll do another post on this as well. A better one, a well thought out one lol! That's it from me, I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. Until then I hope you all have an awesome book reading day!





Aloha Peeps! Day 2 of BoBs



Good afternoon everyone, and how's it going? I hope all is well! I am doing pretty good here myself. So, yesterday I have noticed that I failed to mention what book I was reading during this BoBs. It is "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" by Anne Bronte. I have been working on reading this book for awhile, but I have been sitting my butt down and get to reading this book. So far, I am really liking it, but I will be doing a review on this book once I'm done with it. 


Anywhozzles! Moving onto the challenge of the day, which is quite easy I might say. Today's challenge is called Bookish Favorites! All I need to do is share with you all my fave authors, series, anything really that is bookish related. So, let's jump into my shout outs shall we?!


So, I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite authors first, because why not lol! In no particular order:


Elizabeth Gilbert: Now I have not yet have the chance to read any of her fictional books. I've read her non fiction. Because of her personality I just instantly knew that she is the type of author I want to be friends with. 


Pablo Coehlo: He actually came to me in a bit of a shock and surprise. The first book I read from him was "The Alchemist" and thought this was an awesome book! I then picked up a few more of his books and just got so inspired by him.


Louisa May Alcott: I have read "Little Women" and another surprising book by her called "A Long Fatal Love Chase" this book was really good, even thou I gave it a three star rating. She just amazed me with this book. 


J.K. Rowling: Yes, she seems to be just about everyone's favorite, but she's so apologetically herself. 


So, that's some of the authors I can think of right now. I have to sit down and really think this over some more.


Fave Series:

Harry Potter

Hunger Games

Twilight (Guilty Pleasure)

Bridget Jones 


Fave Books:

Little Women

Psych: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Read

Eat, Pray, Love

The Pursuit of Happyness

Happiness Project


Walk in Their Shoes

The Nanny Dairies


The Time Traveler's Wife

The Alchemist 

The Book Thief

Carry On


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

I am the Messenger


So, those are some of my faves, I really haven't listened to any audiobooks (because can't afford it lol) I do have a lot more to add to list, maybe that could be a few post of their own. This was really fun to do! I had to think on the spot for some of these! 


Well, now I am coming to the end of this here entry, I hoped you all enjoyed this post. Enjoy your reading time and I'll be back tomorrow with another post.




(Any of you all Game of Throne fans?!...Damn!) 


You Know What Day It Is?

It's BoBs DAY!!!




                                                (Click Image to get to BoBs!)


Good Hello everyone and how's it going? I am back with yet another BoBs read-a-thon! I know it's been a long while since I last wrote here on this blog, but I to be honest I have not been really feeling it for a while. But, with BoBs it helps me to remember my love for reading. Along with all the books I end up buying with an already to long of a TBR list...oops! I really just need to push myself to come on here on whatever day(s) I choose to post. I'm going to get my butt in gear and really sit down and have a think about what to do.


Well, enough of my problems with me not wanting to read and do stuff. Onto what I came here to do. Which is the BoBs day 1 challenge and this one is a very easy one. The one that always starts off a BoBs read- a- thon! Which is to introduce myself in six words! So, here I go:




(With my TBR List lol!!! )


Well, there ya have it folks! I am glad to be back at this. Here's to a week worth of crazy reading stuff!!! Also, have an awesome time for those who are participating in BoBs and also just reading for the hell of it lol!!!



Hello Sweeties!!!

Why good hola everyone! How is life going? I hope you all are doing amazingly awesome! Because, I feel Fan Freaking Tastic!!! Why? ( you all maybe wondering or not), that's because I had a very productive day today. I did laundry, did a bit of tidying up, and also, I finally got around to donated a lot of stuff that I had set aside for at least a good three years! 


I even donated a lot of books to my local library, which is always a treat to go there and look around. My brother and nephew helped me carry in three bags of books. Plus, we looked around and remembered all the cool things we used to do when we were kids. It made me miss going to the library to just looking at all the books, sitting down and relaxing by reading or working on a project. Also, being able to check out as many books as possible!


But, I told myself that I am not allowed to check out or buy any books until I lessen my TBR bookshelf. I should sill go to the library just to get away from home and be in a place that I know and love so well. It has been awhile and although everything is still the same, they have made quite the change of how the books are displayed. I'm going to have to share with you all in another post about my library and see why I love it! I just need to gather up information and put them together and I will tell you about my library! 


I guess that's it from my end. I just wanted to stop by and do a post and say hello. Plus, share my day with you all. I will be back when I can. So, until that day. BE FAMAZING!!! 




Last of the BoBs Week!

Hey everyone and how's it going? I hope you all are doing awesome! I'm doing pretty awesome myself. My day has been a lazy one, but I have been reading my newest read. I am about 33% into the book on my Kindle. It's a really good read so far. I'm learning a lot and highlighting a lot of good information. That is my update and as far as the challenge goes. It's an easy one it just Stretching my Goals


I just have to share how I can complete my goals or how can I revise my goals to meet them. Like I've shared with you all on Friday. I had planned to read four of Shakespeare's books: "The Taming of the Shrew", "Henry V", "King Lear", and "Hamlet". But, after looking at "King Lear" and "Hamlet" I had decided to put them on hold and find a shorter read.Which is the book I'm currently reading "The Gifts of Imperfections" by Brene Brown. I'm not sure if I will get it finished today, but I'm going to try to get near the end tonight. 


It's a small goal, but I can do it! I will be back some time this week with a new post. Hell, it might even be tomorrow...who knows. Until then I hope you all are being awesome and that awesome things are happening for you!



Day of the BoBs 6

Good Hello Everyone and it's nice to be back! How are you all?! I hope out of this world! lol I am doing freaking amazing! One: I have food in my stomach and also I got a new addition to my reading. I ended up buying a used kindle paperwhite and I'm happy to be reading on something bigger then a cell phone lol! 


Now, onto my update of the day and right now I haven't read today so far, but I will be here in a bit. I did start reading my new read yesterday, but I'm not to far into the book. I have been a little lazy due to the fact that it's so cold and snowy out shemurr!!!


But, enough of that onto what we're all here for. The challenge of the day yay!!! For today's challenge it's called Dream Cast where you take a book that has not been made into a movie and come up with the right actors! This is going to be well I don't know yet, but let us go shall we!!!


Ummm...there are a few books that I could do, but it's been awhile since I read these books and I wouldn't know where to begin with them. So, I have to do something that I hate doing and that is step back from this challenge! It's sucks, but I just don't know what book and who! But, I will add this, when I was reading the Twilight series back in the day, the Character of Jane was introduced in the book, and right away I thought of Dakota Fanning to play the role of this evil vampire. I was super excited when they did cast her for the role. 


Well, this was a bummer. I was really hoping to do this and come up with an awesome book and an awesome cast, but maybe later on down the road I'll finally get to do this challenge. I will be back tomorrow for my finally update and challenge for BoBs Week. I can't believe tomorrow is the last day. I hope you all are having an awesome day/night.





Day of the BoBs 5

People of the booklikes world, How are you today? I hope all is well with you all. I am doing pretty good, but I seem to be getting some kind of headache woo...maybe...I don't know.. I think I'm just hungry! LOL!!! So, I am here to give you an update of the BoBs of the Day 5. K...ready...set...GO!!!


I did finish reading Henry V finally and it turned out pretty good. I actually understood what the hell was happening in the bigger picture, but not so much in the smaller. Also, what the hell is up with them using Ps instead of Bs in some point of the book. Even thou the copy of the book I have is not the copy I had used as a show. Either way I am digressing and hungry and don't want to go any further then that! Again, the book wasn't too bad at all. 


Well, I wanted to continue on with the whole Shakespeare reads, but I grabbed both King Lear and Hamlet and seen how it will take me awhile. I then decided I will not be finishing the Shakespeare marathon. I will read them at a later time. Until, then to finish BoBs out I will be reading instead "The Gifts of Imperfections" by Brene Brown.


As for today's challenge of the day it is called If you like this, try that! It's pretty simple it's a recommendation of a book and or author similar to what you have read. Set...Go!!!


If you like "Alice in Wonderland", then try Gena Showalter's "Alice in Zombieland" (be in mind that the story really isn't a Alice in Wonderland theme)


If you like "Eat, Pray, Love" , then try Cheryl Strayed's "Wild"


There we have it! I could have kept going but I'm going hunt for food via leftovers in the fridge lol!!! Also, I'm very jittery due to the fact that I had a travel size amount of coffee!!! I hope you all enjoy your day/night and I will be back tomorrow with a new update and challenge.



Day of the BoBs 4

Good hello everyone and how is it going? I hope awesome! I am doing pretty amazing myself. Today is a new day with a new update and new challenge! 


Book Update:

Well, right now I am still reading Henry V and I'm still confused...hahaha! YAY! But from what I'm gathering Henry and the king of France want to go head to head, well, more like Henry does...ok France does too. But, they're trying to make peace, but not really. Dude stuff mainly! Right now, I am being introduce to Katherine and everything is in French, but thank God for the translation on the left side of the book! I am really trying here, I don't know why I wanted Shakespeare to be my read, I guess I just wanted a challenge.


Speaking of challenge I have a fun one for you all today. This challenge is called Synopsis Rewrite. Where you take your favorite book and flip flop the main character with a non main character (i.e. Telling the story in another's point of view!) I know long winded! Allons-y


                                                         The Book:

                                                       Little Women



 Theodore Lawrence lives with his grandfather and has all the wealth to do whatever he pleases. Until one night at a ball, he comes across a girl who happens to be his next door neighbor Jo March. Teddy has seen her and her three sisters: Meg, Beth, and Amy and their mother Marmee. He has always been so curious of the March sisters, he would see them dress in men's clothing and wonder what they were up too. Together, the five of them would a sibling pack, going off on adventures and learning more about each other. Once older, Teddy would find his feelings and let the March sister he loves in on his world. 


Well, that was hard and I really do mean it. Trying to come up with a synopsis for Little Women told in Teddy's point of view. My brain is fried lol! This is as good as it's going to get, maybe some where down the road I'll come up with a better synopsis for this story! This is where I leave you all for the night. I'll of course will be back tomorrow with yet another update until then.



The Day of the BoBs 3

Hey everyone! And, how are you today?! I hope all is well with you all. So, as you can tell another update and another challenge of the day! Yesterday, I did finish reading "Taming of the Shrew" and I ended up not liking it one bit. I thought the characters of the men were so Male and needed to be decked in the face. Like Petruchio who marries Katharina literally the next day, because he heard of her temper and wanted to change her. He sure did, by denying her sleep, food, and I'm sure other stuff too. What The Fork!!! I got really pissy at that part. It would have been good, but there were things that just made me want to scream!


Now, I am reading Henry V and I will be honest, I am not sure what the hell is going on lol! But, I'm pretty much getting the gist of it...maybe...I hope...well! I will let you all know how I feel about this one later on!


So, now onto the fun challenge of the day. It is called Six Degrees of Separation from Bout of Books. Basically I need to find six books that can spell out Bout of Books and they need to be books that have been read...I think? I have two books in mind so far, so lets jump in shall we!



Bone Season

Under the Tuscan Sun


One for the Money


Book Thief 


I would add the s but that would bring it to seven! It's hard trying to find titles that can do a double duty of creating a word! But, this was fun either way! I at l did fail a bit, but hey what can I do? Find more titles with Us, Os, and so on and so forth! lol!


Well, here is where I will leave you for the night. I will be back tomorrow with another update and challenge. Have a great day/night



Day of the BoBs 2

Hey everyone?! So,I'm back with a new update and a challenge for BoBs Week! I have only gotten to the second act of "The Taming of the Shrew" today. I have been a little lazy at reading which is bad, because I get so easily distracted by other things. But, so far the play is interesting and I'm getting a kick out of the men the suitors of Bianca and the would be suitor of Katherine! I really don't have much of an impression of the girls yet, but I will update you all tomorrow on what I though of them and the book! 


So, that brings me to the challenge of the day, which is a pretty neat one. It is called Character Dinner Party. All I have to do is choose five of my favorite characters and share what foods I will be serving! So, without further ado!



Katniss Everdeen 

Jo March

Miss Peregrine 

Hermione Granger 

Bridget Jones


The Food:





Caldo (A type of Soup)

Menudo (Another type of soup)



Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread)


There are a lot of other Mexican foods that are just as amazing, but for right now this is what I can think of. Now, I'm craving these foods lol! 


I had a blast on this challenge! I chose these characters because of what they bring to the table. From humor to teaching! I think these ladies are strong and amazing in their own way! I had a lot of fun doing this and thinking of some of my favorite characters. And, believe me when I say there are a lot of them! So, I will be back tomorrow with another update and challenge! Until then be awesome and...



The Day one of the BoBs!!!

Hey ho everyone and how's it going?! I hope you are doing AMAZING!!! And, that your new years is off to an awesome start! Well, so as you can tell from the title it is now BoBs Week and you know that I have to at least blog this read-a-thon!!! I know that I have been away for a while, but I'm just glad to be back. 


So, I had decided that during BoBs Week I will be reading four books...well plays. I am going to be reading Shakespeare's plays. Which is going to be quite interesting. Here is what I'm going to read.


Currently reading: 

The Taming of the Shrew



King Lear


Henry V


I have only read Hamlet in high school and so jumping into the others is going to be fun and exciting!


So, BoBs Week wouldn't be complete without a challenge and this is an oldie but goodie and that is Introduce myself in six words. So, now this is going to be a challenge, because I have done so many of them, but lets give it a shot shall we!


Book Geek in Need of Books!!!


Hahaha I did it!!! I didn't expect to find the words right away to be honest! I'm glad I did thou. Well, I'm gonna leave you all for tonight and will be back tomorrow! Until then have an awesome 2019!!!





Review: Fangirl

Fangirl by Rowell, Rainbow (2014) Paperback - Rainbow Rowell

Hey everyone and how's it going? Fantastic most likely, because that is how I feel at that moment yay!!! So, as you can tell by the title, it is another review. I'm sure you're all going why?!, but I did warn you all! Today, I am reviewing "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. I got a lot to say so Allons-y!


  Books Blurb:


Cath is a Simon Snow fan.


Okay, everybody is a Simon Snow fan, but for Cath it's something more. Fandom is life. It's what got her and her sister, Wren, through losing their mom. It's what kept them close.


And now that she's starting college, introverted Cath isn't sure what's supposed to get her through. She’s got a surly roommate with a charming, always-around boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who thinks fanfiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words . . . And she can’t stop worrying about her dad, who’s loving and fragile and has never really been alone.


For Cath, the question is: Can she do this? Can she make it without Wren holding her hand? Is she ready to start living her own life? Writing her own stories?


And does she even want to move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind?



I thought that this book was really amazing! It too paid homage of being a fangirl/boy. It had some really good and funny moments. Like when Cath and Wren had before heading to school. Cath is worried about having a creepy roommate who stays up all night to take pics of her while she slept! The adorableness of Cath and Levi that took time, Levi himself is a gentleman and always has a smile on his face. A funny reaction that Cath's roommate Reagan had, when she found out that Cath was a twin, which creeped her the hell out. 


There were times of complete annoyance and anger that got to me when it came to Wren and her roommate Courtney. That needed a common sense shoe to come out of nowhere and hit them...hahaha! Cath also needed to get hit by that shoe as well a lot of time!  A scare and sad time when it came to the girls' dad, who has suffered a lot since his wife and the girls' mom ran off. This book represents some if not all of us who are such huge fans of something, rather it be Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, anything really. That all we want to do is live and breathe our fandom and keep going, even if it's long done and some fans have moved on. It also, represents to some some real stuff that is written like dealing this anxiety and depression. 


It doesn't matter how old we all are, we all have something that we are such huge fans of and would go at nothing but to create magic for us and those who are still on the train. We should all celebrate our inner and outer Geek! Not let others tell you that you're too old to be apart of your fandoms. But, to also remember to live your life outside of your fandom as well!


Well, that is it from me. I will be back on Thursday with a new review! Until then be awesome and do awesome!




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